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30 stores in half a year,IVY will upend the African market?

2018-09-07 10:27:14 Share:

There is a huge gap in the African hotel market, and the opportunity is burning. While the global hotel groups are rushing to seize the high-end hotel market, IVY has hit the nail on the head and pointed out the biggest problem behind this lively scene -- "the serious wrong track of supply and demand", which is embodied in the low number of chain hotels for the public and the wrong price and value.

In response, IVY has set a "small goal" of opening 30 stores in Africa by the end of 2018, aiming to inject African budget hotel chain genes into the market. The industry believes that under the current situation of "polarization" of African hotel industry, if the IVY hotel target can be achieved as scheduled, the pattern of African hotel market will be upended.

How can the African hotel market be disrupted?

In christensen's theory of disruptive innovation, the rules that "disruption" must follow include "locking in the needs that can be more effectively met" and building on that to build on its own disruptive advantages. Let's see if IVY has both --

As you can see from the brand description "a good hotel that everyone can afford" IVY is targeting the general public of Africa. Objectively speaking, staying in Africa, you can either choose high-end hotels that are "sky-high" for local people, or choose individual hotels that are equally expensive but lack guarantee in quality and service. The public consumption demand has been neglected for a long time. In this context, IVY is undoubtedly popular and easy to be accepted by the market.

It is aimed at the general public, which can not only accept non-tourists, but also serve local residents with a demand for business travel accommodation. It is firmly established and a continental brand is emerging.


"More effective" can be seen from its pricing and premium quality. IVY has implemented the lowest consumption threshold in the market ($45- $73, and the price of individual and high-star hotels is above $85), but adopted the hardware and software facilities that are equal to or even beyond the local high-star hotels. IVY's determination to implement the brand declaration of "comfortable economy" and "affordable for everyone" can be seen clearly.

"Disruptors look for needs that haven't been well met. They are committed to markets that no one else has access to or wants to enter. So how exactly will IVY, the would-be disrupter, achieve that?

"Ambition" behind the "small target"

IVY hotel follows the previous chain model in Africa, but the difference is that the access policy is more flexible. In view of the current situation that there are more idle land and houses in Africa, IVY hotel launched new houses, rental houses, villas, apartments and other residential leasing on its own land. With this policy, IVY is aiming to open 30 chain stores in Africa in 2018.

In contrast to individual hotels, which account for the vast majority of the market, and the sporadic distribution of high-star hotels, IVY seems to have a small goal, but it highlights the "big ambition" behind it.

It is said that "Africa will be an important pole of the global hotel industry in the future". However, it has to be said that at present, there is still a huge gap in the hotel market in the African original and tourist population, and neither individual nor international star hotel has yet formed a chain effect. IVY hotel's original intention to enter Africa is to create a "comfortable and economical cost-effective chain hotel", and its replication mode is indeed more flexible, with rare strong competitors in the market and the subversive development property of "faster, higher, stronger".

So it seems that IVY's "small goal" in 2018 reflects the strongest tone of hotel chain on the African continent, and this goal also reflects IVY's planning, expectation and expectation of building a big chain brand in the future. Its implicit sense of responsibility and mission can afford to "fill the gap in the market and benefit the African public".

I hope the IVY hotel can achieve the scale growth as expected and bring African consumers surprise as expected. We hope that more powerful and sincere hotel chain brands will enter Africa and fully launch the acceleration of African hotels. One day,

Africa's hospitality industry will present a long-awaited boom.

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