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"Customer-oriented, mutual creation, mutual benefits" to help clients obtain better profitable solutions and provide customers with more travel and accommodation options.
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Why us?

Our mission is to let every customer live in a clean, cozy, beautiful hotel. For owners converting existing hotels to a Yimei Hotel Group’s brand or building a new hotel from scratch, we invite you to join us and achieve the goal, no matter where the people come from, who they are, they will be welcomed and have great living experience.

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why us

Our Support

  • Site identification and validation —— professional and low risk
  • Pre- Construction of 5 level Management and Control Services - speed up the Pre-construction stage and open quickly
  • Centralized Material Purchasing at Headquarters - High Efficiency Supply Chain, Low Cost, Scientific and Effective Operation, Fast Return
  • Support to Foster Ability of Practice—Offer Training to Cultivate Hospitality Talents
  • Delivery of Customer Sources – Innovative Methods to Guarantee Customer Source
  • Group’s Full Channel Customer Sources Delivery
  • Informatization Support-Technological Innovation and Intelligence
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Discover Our Brands

At Sunmei family which is tinged with traits of tradition and innovation, bristled with the atmosphere of hospitality, no matter who you are, where you come from, there's a place for you to stay.
  • ivy

    Ivy hotel and Ivy hotel select are mid-scale chain hotel brands, owned by Yimei Group. It features modern hotel design and pro-found customer experience with reasonable pricing, to provide business travelers and the general public a delightful hotel experience.

  • rizti
    Rizti Hotel

    Rizti hotel is an upscale, full-service chain hotel brand, owned by Yimei Group. It infuses art and culture into travelling experience of guests and provides exclusive sanctuary for global travelers with aesthetic taste.

  • oak
    OAK Hotel

    OAK Hotel is a light standard budgeted hotel chain brand owned by Sunmei International. Combining modern hotel elements with African hotel design, gently upgrades the standard of the hotel to a more profound state. To provide a comfortable, modern, cost-effective hotel with a high level of local culture for business people and the general public.

  • m hotel
    New Four-star Hotel

    M Hotel is a middle and high-end designer hotel brand owned by Sunmei Group.
    Located in the core areas of first-tier and second-tier cities, it provides the urban middle class elites with Nordic style and quality living experience.

  • jrmd
    Living in Midi Hotels & Resorts

    An integration of Midi Hotels & Resorts with Everest Club
    The hotels are located in second and third-tier cities. It is a multi-dimensional space of resorts and tourist attractions for relaxing, socializing, children's care and outdoor entertainment creating family-style service concept and one-stop hedonic space for every guest.
    Each hotel is equipped with the catering, accommodation, travel, entertainment and other multi-functional facilities with strong exotic customs.

  • xunli

    Xunli hotel is high-end hotel,providing customer with premium experience. It based in scenery resort,adapt it design to the beauty of nature. Xunli advocate the aesthetic taste of the nature, scenes. Xunlin is the harbor of your heart.

  • lano
    Wake up in Art

    LANO Hotel is the hotel brand of art and business of Sunmei Group.
    LANO Hotels are located in the core areas of China's first and second-tier cities, providing artistic experience for business elites.
    With fashionable design concept, diversified service features and differentiated artistic positioning, LANO Hotel fully combines comfortable experience, artistic trend and humanistic atmosphere to create a beautiful way of traveling.

  • aliya

    Aliya adhering to the principle of truly letting residents experience first and then buy,its product system is applied to the bathing, fragrance space, washing and so on. Its product series is common in high-end hotels and modes in European and American countries. As a blank in the domestic hotel market, it actively achieves "city" in a real sense through the optimization of the brand's own customer group and the improvement of the quality of accommodation. New Breath's new experience!

  • hms
    Boutique Homestay for Romantic Vacation

    Feronia Hotel advocates the brand concept of "natural aesthetics" and "light social" and it takes inspiration from the beauty of natural beings of both the gorgeous flowers and the flowers fall, highlighting the aesthetic connotation of life of "beauty of the seasonal cycle and of the aspects of the human world", providing the nervous and busy modern people a relaxing place.
    Feronia Hotel adheres to the principle of "one hotel, one design", highlighting the cultural heritage, with concise line, appropriate blank space, removing the complicated items, converting the natural beauty to the crafted fine work of art. There are serving scented tea, old aesthetics, handmade artisan experience, fresh guest kitchen and other characteristics to advocate natural romantic way of travelling.

  • skyp
    Beauty in the Journey

    Upandin hotel is upgradation of Thank U, devoting to satisfy the upgrading needs of second and third tier business man and travelers.
    Upandin hotel advocating fashion; high-quality space.Strictly selecting materials; bedding; care-set; and also equipped with smart device; providing retailing; cafeteria; bookstore; laundry and other life services, creating a full-stack; beautiful and cozy living experience.

  • sky
    Chain Hotel Brand in Second and Third-tier Cities

    Thank U Hotel is the major hotel brand of Sunmei Group, focusing on the development of small and medium-sized chain hotels in second and third-tier cities, and providing clean, comfortable and warm hotel accommodation services for the public.

  • lippo
    Lippo Commune

    Lippo Commune advocate healthy; athletic; fashion and positive lifestyle . rental apartment + united office= coalition of living & work, 1+1>2 enrich the business network of convenient life; activate space ;five clubs. Sharing space, long rent apartment and united working area.

  • jy
    Excellent Light-renovation Standard Chain Hotel

    Discovering the other side of the city and making each stay a fresh experience, Junyi Hotel set up a light standard for chain hotels. By Junyi "discovered" design system, the independent hotels that have been operated don’t need to change the original structure and they incorporate the characteristic elements of local people, culture and the scenery in different cities and different locations. And a slight renovation and upgrading will make the hotel a “window” for the guests to discover the splendor of the city. The original hotel will maintain the original features as well as bringing out the brand tone.

  • aa
    AA hotel

    AA hotel chain, clean; convenient; low price; focusing on high-quality sleep.
    Founded on December 2016, focusing on solving different pain points of hotel owners; aiming at providing standard customer service, accurate marketing system; reciprocal membership growth system, providing a more clean; cozy; thrift accomodation brand; improving the profit of investors.

  • ck
    Chengke Hotel

    Chengke Hotel is a budget hotel chain brand owned by Sunmei Group, dedicated to providing budget-constrained millennials with "interesting, safe and inexpensive" living experience.
    Chengke Hotel advocates the design concept of "simply and fashion", so that the young people can enjoy the hotel service with both fashionable music elements and social contact with limited budget, so as to bring the residential space with accommodation as the core and integrated consumption of trendy doll, social contact and entertainment.

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